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Social Suppers - Mixing People, Food And Fun
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Reviewed on 2006-08-11
The new business that opened in the middle of June is called Social Suppers. I hope I can explain this well enough that you would like to either go there to prepare meals to take home for later or go with a group to prepare meals and socialize also. Either way you will love it.

The evening I went I arrived at 7 PM. I grazed on hearty appetizers and had beverages with a group of friends for awhile. Then Amy Johnson, the owner, explained the whole procedure so that we could put everything together to prepare the meals. She had lots of help to assist as well. It was so easy because they do all the chopping, collecting seasoning, etc. that is needed. In fact they do all the shopping and preparation of items for the entrée and then we just follow the recipe and put it together. Most recipes will serve 4 to 6 people, but you can make half recipes as well.

The best part is after you leave with your well packaged food, they do the cleanup. I prepared Spicy Island Chicken and Balsamic Carmarlized Onion, Blueberry Pork Loin. There was a Salmon dish offered I wished I had prepared also. I brought them home and placed in freezer. All I have to do now is thaw and prepare as the recipe lists. I will prepare a salad while it bakes or grills. It is easy, tasty and they use quality ingredients. You will find it economical also. It averages about $2.57 a serving plus whatever extra items you have added for your meal at home like dessert, etc.

It was so much fun partying, eating and preparing in such a lovely location. Call for information, set up a date and RSVP the items or entrée you wish to prepare.

913-768-7461, cell 816-589-2226. The location is the SE Corner of 159th and Mur-Len. The exact address is 15999 S. Bradley Drive.

Website is at

Some of the items on the Menu for August are: Bacon Wrapped Pork Fillets in Red Rock Rub. Try this special rub on six bacon wrapped fillets for a quick unique dinner. The cooking method is bake or grill. Other entrees are Chrispy Almond Chicken, Ginger Chile Lime Roasted Chicken, KC Strip Steak with a sauce made from 15 fun ingredients, plus many more like Old Fashioned Sour Cream Peach Pie. Each month there are 15 or more Entree for you to choose from and prepare. If you prepare a lot of food bring your cooler for a handy way to transport them home.

My friend, Karen Gomric, invited me and I am sure glad she did. It was so much fun and I am ready for a number of good meals. Their slogan is mixing people, food and fun.

I hope you will go and give it a try. It is convenient and economical as well. Bring your husband or best buddy and prepare together. My daughter brought her husband and he had a lot of fun, too. The crowd was about half and half. He cannot wait to go again. He could see the advantage of going and is encouraging them to go soon. If you want to, get a sitter and have an evening out . It only takes a couple of hours if you socialize otherwise you can be in and out quickly.

By Marieann Koehler

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