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Branson Family Trip

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Soul Men
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Reviewed on 2008-11-07
Received[3.5]  out of 4 stars
GenreComedy / Music
Bernie Macís final piece of artistic work could not be any better than what he has to offer in "Soul Men." Starring along side with Bernie Mac is the sensational Samuel L Jackson. Bernie and Samuel portray estranged soul singers who are reuniting for a special performance at the Apollo Theater in honor of their recently deceased band leader. Bernie Mac as Floyd Henderson, who has recently retired to community living and is finding he has too much time on his hands and Samuel L Jackson as Louis Hinds who is living out life as a mechanic and does not seem to have much else going for him. When Floyd is approached about the reunion he is immediately on board, but it does take some convincing and dealings to get Louis to agree. The pair hit the road heading to the Apollo Theater, but run into troubles the further from home they get.

Along the way Floyd has booked a few gigs for practice prior to making it to the Apollo. During these performances we see that itís not easy picking up the same moves some decades later. Both men struggle with their voices and their dancing. The more stops and performances they have you slowly see an improvement. On the way to their final act they take a detour to an old loveís home. Upon their arrival they find she has passed away, but they meet her lovely daughter, Cleo (Sharon Leal). They find themselves convinced that she is Floydís daughter based on her age. Wanting to get to know her better they invite her along for the ride. At the next stop they invite her on stage for a performance with them. We see that this girl is a shining star all on her own. The late Isaac Hayes makes a special appearance in these scenes and finds himself in awe with this womanís talent and wants to get her into the studio.

We finally arrive in New York with the Soul Men. Given this trip has not been an easy one they are determined to pay tribute to their friend and show the magic they still have. This film could not have been better cast. Samuel L Jackson offered a stellar performance as the bitter band member of the two, always out for a lashing. Bernie Mac was more light hearted but full of energy. A very impressive script with cast made for an exceptional film. There is also a great tribute to the two wonderful talents of Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes that are not to be missed. Both of these men had amazing talents to offer the World and unfortunately left us too soon. This final film can attribute to this and is definitely not to be missed. Be prepared to laugh out loud and move to the music as Soul Men has plenty of both to offer.

Review By: Jolene Mendez


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