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Iron Man
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Reviewed on 2008-05-02
Received[4]  out of 4 stars
GenreAction / Adventure / Comedy / Sci-Fi / Thriller
This year’s award for the comeback kid goes to Robert Downey, Jr for his role in "Iron Man". Not only is this his comeback of the year (make that century), it is also going to be a huge hit for Marvel. Downey portrays Tony Stark, a wealthy industrialist who is on a mission overseas when he is abducted and tortured by terrorists who are determined to have Mr. Stark create a destructive device to use against the US. When Stark begins to model this device little do his captures know he is actually becoming a Mr. Gadget and creating an iron made device to protect him, in his attempted escape to freedom. After successfully fleeing, Tony returns home and decides that creating weapons for war will no longer be his mission.

He feels betrayed to learn that all of his weapons have been getting into the hands of the US Army’s enemies, so his resolution is to no longer manufacture these weapons. Instead Tony has decided to concentrate on Iron Man. He will focus on making this armored suit technologically able to fight against evil. Once the suit is finalized bring on some amazing special effects. From flying high to free falling, the film captures it all. Of course Tony has a few adjustments to make before the suit is perfect, but when it is, be prepared to be blown away.

Iron Man is a thrilling ride full of excitement and laughs. Finally this year we have a great family film that everyone will enjoy. Robert Downey Jr steals the screen with his performance as Iron Man. This may be surprising to many people, as it was for me. He offers a stand out role that includes comedy, action and suspense. Iron Man’s special effects could not have been more appealing to the naked eye. This one will definitely have the kids talking and keep them entertained. Iron Man cannot be beat – this is the film to see!!

Review By: Jolene Mendez


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