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The Ruins
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Reviewed on 2008-04-21
Received[0]  out of 4 stars
GenreHorror / Thriller
The Ruins, a film meant to ruin your movie going experience. Set in Mexico where a group of friends have gone to escape to paradise. On their last day they want to get a good look at the country and its history, deciding to travel to an archaeological dig, deep in the jungle. Once arriving at the historic ruins they are surrounded by villagers with weapons, who are willing to shot and kill once they touch any part of the ruins. Ambushing them to the top of the ruins and not allowing them down.

Once at the top of the ruins you see camping supplies, but no survivors. Not long after being on the ruins you see the vines taking over their victims. Including the vines entering their skin, adapting to their clothing, and putting thoughts in their heads. With vines that attack and roses that talk, how will they ever survive? Sounds scary, but itís not.

This film is an absolute joke. There were no thrills or chills offered in this film. The performances were all average. I have to admit the most thrilling scene was when a leg had to be amputated and singed with a hot frying pan. Now that was priceless. That scene was humorous; the film however is not worth a nine dollar ticket price. Catch the amusing ridiculous scenes on You Tube; donít waste any time or money on this film. What a waste it was for me!!

Review By: Jolene Mendez


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