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Reviewed on 2008-01-21
Received[2]  out of 4 stars
GenreAction / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Something has found us. Now that could have been a great tag line, if what found us was even remotely great. Cloverfield was supposed to be a high energy film with a scary destructive monster. Well, in my opinion it was not!! I may have been expecting too much and was let down. This movie opens up with documentation from a Section formerly known as Central Park in New York City. Rob (Michael Stahl-David) is moving away to Japan and on his final night in NYC his family and friends have decided to throw him a going-away party. Little do they know the destruction that lies ahead.

Cloverfied Later on in the evening of the party there is an explosion and the lens shakes. Well of course curiosity sets in and every one flees to the roof to see what the explosion was. Then all chaos breaks loose, as explosions are happening everywhere and you are surrounded by smoke and debris. Hidden by the smoke is this creature attacking Manhattan. Once the smoke clears there is more chaos ensuing, which includes burglary at stores, the US army taking aim at the creature and more destruction. Will New York survive this monstrous attack?

I have heard a lot of complaints about the way this was filmed. Hand held camera action. I found the hand held not to be so bad; I thought it was much improved from films such as Blair Witch. The movie had a high intensity that kept you interested and the creature being not shown until the final scenes kept you more alert and wanting to see what it was. But once revealed I must say, it was a true let down. My other complaint is the setting. New York City, why? It seems like all city imploding scenarios are filmed in New York City, this is so overused and in dire need of a change. Pick another city…I am sure you could have just as much destruction from another city. Cloverfield did have a lot to offer, the mystery behind will lure most victims in, but you may walk out feeling like a loser after this downer.

Review By: Jolene Mendez

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