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I Am Legend
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Reviewed on 2007-12-14
Received[4]  out of 4 stars
GenreAction / Adventure

I Am Legend is a scientific marvel. This film takes place in the near future, a future where a cure for cancer has been found and is being used on humans. Only problem is the long term side effects caused by the cancer treatment. The film opens to a flash back sequence of events that result in the current status of there only being one human left alive. The cancer cure turns into a virus that effects humans and turns them into vampire like creatures of the night. Feeding off of other humans and infecting them with the incurable disease.

i-am-legend Will Smith is the legend in this film. He is Robert Neville, a scientist who is the only man left alive who is on a mission to save the World from the unstoppable virus. Left alone in his home he finds means of survival with his dog. Day in day out he follows the same regimen giving him another day to research the virus in the hope of finding a cure. Unfortunately at the end of the day he is left alone. You can imagine the terrible feeling of being left alone with no one to talk to. It would be a very lonely place. Every emotion you would go through you see Dr. Neville experience. Can the doctor overcome his emotions and save the World, if there are any survivors.

Will Smith is a marvelous wonder. It is amazing to see how much talent this man has. To be in a film almost 1/3 way through and have practically a monologue and all the while keeping the audience intrigued is an amazing task. A task that Will pulls of effortlessly. He keeps the viewers watching, and rooting him on. Hoping he finds a cure and will survive. The storyline was a little jumpy, with all the flashbacks, but it kept you wanting more. The infected were realistic and could scare you just seeing there shadows. The film is an amazing story, made to be very realistic. I Am Legend is an exciting thriller with dramatic twists and turns. A must see on a cold winter night!!

Review By: Jolene Mendez


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