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Surf'S Up
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Reviewed on 2007-06-15
Received[3]  out of 4 stars
GenreAction / Animation / Comedy / Family
This is a film that parents and children will both enjoy. Yes, it is another penguin animated film but has comedy with a good twist that makes one learn about competition, being loyal and what it takes to win, lots of hard work.

Cody, the main character, as a young pinguin met the legendary champion Big Z, and was so impressed that he wanted to immulate him. Now Cody matured , leaves Antarctica for Hawaii to compete in the Big Z Memorial Surf- Off. He meets Chicken Joe, and Lani the cute beach lifeguard. A friendship builds among them. He finds an old washed up surfer to coach him who tries to tell what is needed to win. He tell him he also need to build his own surf board. Cody is relunctant and wants to be lazy. Finally the coach and Cody work together which helps the olfd surfer to become less depressed, so he is stimulated to not be reclusive. Also the old surfer becomes a father figure to Cody which he needs. Their is a Don King type promoter who is a hoot.

There is warmth among the characters which makes for an uplifting spirit. The children and adults at the screening I went to were laughing throughout the film and all clapped at the film's conclusion.

Review By: Marieann Koehler

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