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Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man'S Chest
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Reviewed on 2006-07-22
Received[3]  out of 4 stars
GenreAction / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy
By Nadia Harvey

This movie has a lot of the typical aspects of a second movie in a trilogy. There are some slow points that help develop the story line but are countered by some terrific action scenes.

This movie overall was very entertaining to watch. Johnny Depp continues in a comedic debonair leading role, with a terrific supporting cast. I would, however, say this movie may not be appropriate for some children as there are parts where things jump out.

The special effects in this movie are tremendous, just as good if not better than the first installment. The make-up in this movie is spectacular. I can't imagine how long it took each day sitting in the make-up trailer to become each character. My one drawback to this movie is the length it is around two and half hours long. I feel could have been done in around two hours.

Overall, this movie kept my attention well. The humor was well placed. I recommend this movie to anyone that enjoys action comedies! Even if you are not an action comedy fan, you have few other reasons to at least try it out. Can we say; Johnny Depp, Kiera Knightly, and Orlando Bloom!

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