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Xxx: State Of The Union
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Reviewed on 2005-05-04
Received[2]  out of 4 stars
GenreAction / Adventure / Crime / Thriller
Ice Cube, Samuel L Jackson and Willem Dafoe star in a sequel to the original Triple X. Director Lee Tamahori sticks to the tried-and-true approach to an action film formula. Missing from this film is Vin Diesel being replaced by Ice Cube who plays Darius Stone, a former Navy Seal who ended up in prison but has a chance to redeem himself for his previous debacles.

Samuel L. Jackson discovers a plot to overthrow the government by the secretary of defense George Deckert (Willem Dafoe). When Deckert starts planning a coup against the president (Peter Straus), Gibbons (Jackson) helps Darius escape to become his new secret agent.

The plot is "ice" thin and Ice Cube can't hold a candle to Vin Diesel in my opinion in the acting department. If you like a lot of explosions (cars, bullet trains, boats, planes and buildings) and action packed scenes you may enjoy this movie.

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