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The Ring Two
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Reviewed on 2005-03-23
Received[2.5]  out of 4 stars
GenreDrama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller
This horror sequel jumped to the top of the charts the first week out trampling competition. Beautiful Naomi Watts returns as the investigative reporter Rachel Keller. Hideo Nakata, the director of the original Japanese blockbuster "Rings" upon which "The Ring" was based, direct "The Ring Two" which marks his American film debut.

The story picks up six months after the horrifying events that tormented Rachel Keller and her son Aidan (David Dorfman) in Seattle. To escape her haunting memories, Rachel takes Aidan and moves to the small coastal community of Astoria, Oregon to start fresh. However Rachel soon discovers a recent crime scene has some familiar overtones. An unmarked video tape shows up which leads Rachel to realize the vengeful Samara may be back to continue her cycle of terror and death If the film had been updated, you think it would be on DVD since so few people still have VHS machines.

The film may not be quite as good as the first one, but rest assured there are plenty of scares left in this franchise. Others in the cast include Simon Baker, Sissy Spacek, and Elizabeth Perkins. I can't help remember meeting Naomi Watts in person at the Palms Springs Film Festival. She was charming and one the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

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