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Seed Of Chucky
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Reviewed on 2004-11-17
Received[2]  out of 4 stars
GenreComedy / Horror
Just when you think all the fall horror films are over, along comes "Seed Of Chucky"! And can you believe this is the 5th Chucky film all voiced by Brad Dourif? It is hard to believe the challenge of creating a major horror movie icon out of a 24-inch plastic doll in red sneakers and overalls, with fiery red hair wielding a sharp knife.

Over his 16-year career, Chucky has earned over $180 million. Now Chucky is back on the big screen in "Seed of Chucky" and it comes across as a comedy. He still kills but this time a lot of funny stuff is thrown in. I Remember in the last film, "Bride of Chucky", an offspring is born to Chucky and Tiffany. In this new film, The lost child escapes a cruel ventriloquist, and tracks his family down in Hollywood. The joke is the little guy wouldn't hurt a fly. What next?

This suspense-filled episode follows the trials and tribulations faced by Chucky and his bride, Tiffany, in raising their offspring, Glen. Jennifer Tilly plays both herself and the voice of Chucky's wife, Tiffany. Billy Boyd (best known for his role in "Lord of the Rings"), supplies the voice of Glen, the offspring.

Oh well try it and see what you think. My daughter is unhappy with me because I told my grandkids about Chucky and they are now afraid . I gave each of them a Chucky mask to wear and they seemed ok with that when they were over for a visit. Now 9 year-old Mark won't take a shower with the bathroom door closed and 6- year old Bailey is afraid to go upstairs without her mother, MaryKay, fearful that Chucky is after her. Go figure! Guess I better cool it on Chucky with the grandkids.

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