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Resident Evil: Apocalypse
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Reviewed on 2004-09-14
Received[2.5]  out of 4 stars
GenreAction / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Lovers of Zombie films and action flicks should like this fast paced sequel. Milla Jovovich battles zombies in the second film influenced by the popular video game. Zombies run ramped in Racoon City as small groups of uninfected people try to survive. Their plight involves a rescue of a schoolgirl, many encounters with bad people and plenty of action to go around.

Milla Jovovich, Siena Guillory, and Oded Fehr star. Milla returns as Alice, formerly head of security for the Umbrella Corporation and, as this sequel begins, is being held in an underground lab. A deadly virus is responsible for turning the residents of Racoon City into zombies. As Alice awakens from her sleep, she finds she has been scientifically enhanced so that she is not only immune to the virus, but now has superhuman strength. Along with a handful of survivors, she works to escape the walled city and hoards of zombies in hot pursuit.

Resident evil made an impressive showing the first week in theaters by taking top spot the first weekend with 24 million in sales.

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