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Alamo, The
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Reviewed on 2004-04-13
Received[2.5]  out of 4 stars
GenreAction / Adventure / Drama / War
Disney's' long awaited retelling of the Alamo story by director John Lee Hancock is finally here. This epic movie tells the dramatic true story of one of the most momentous battles in American history. The Alamo honors the handful of men who stood up for their passion and ideals against an overwhelming force. In the spring of 1836, fewer than 200 ordinary men who believed in the future of Texas held the fort for 13 days against a force of thousands of Mexican soldiers led by dictator General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna (Emilio Echevarraea). Three men were the center of the film: Davy Crocket (played by Billy Bob Thornton), James Bowie (played by Jason Patric), and Lt. Colonel William Travis (played by Patrick Wilson). The Texans sacrifice their lives for their beliefs, but their deeds at the Alamo would make history as General Sam Houston's (Dennis Quaid) emotional rallying call for Texas independence. The film was a little short on action but the cinematography was good.

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