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Reviewed on 2004-03-02
Received[3.5]  out of 4 stars
GenreAction / Adventure
This is an epic action-adventure and one man's journey of personal redemption, based on a true story. Viggo Mortensen (who played the king in LOR) is back on the big screen as Frank T. Hopkins, the greatest rider the American West has ever known and he is pitted against the world's finest Arabian horses and racers. Frank and Hidalgo (his mustang horse) both have something to prove when Hopkins becomes the first American invited to enter the Ocean of Fire, a grueling 3,000-mile survival race across punishing terrain of the Arabian Desert. With his competitors vowing victory, the race becomes not only a matter of pride and honor, but also a fight for survival as they attempt the impossible. Omar Sharif plays Sheikh Rijadh, showing us an impressive piece of acting. Louise Lombard plays the very beautiful Lady Anne Davenport. Zuleikha Robinson is the Arabian beauty Jazira that steals the heart of Frank. The timeframe is the 1890's. One of my fellow critics called this Sandbiscuit because it reminded him of Seabiscuit in the desert. I found it a fascinating rush combining elements of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Seabiscuit and Indian Lore. Don't miss this gem folks! You won't regret it! Here is a bit of trivia: Viggo Mortensen loved the horse so much that he purchased the horse for himself

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