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Reviewed on 2003-11-25
Received[3]  out of 4 stars
GenreHorror / Mystery / Thriller
Psychologist Halle Berry wakes up in an insane asylum facing a charge for murder. Mathieu Kassovitz directs this thriller. Also starring are Robert Downey Jr. and beautiful Penelope Cruz. Dr. Miranda Grey (Halle Berry) is an expert at being rational. Under the direction of her husband (Charles S. Dutton), the chief administrator of the psychiatric ward at the Woodward Penitentiary for Women, Miranda treats dangerously disturbed patients like Chloe (Penelope Cruz), a charismatic murderess who the doctor thinks is paranoid. Miranda has a comfortable marriage and stable life until suddenly a nightmare beyond her wildest imagination jolts her awake. She discovers her husband has been murdered and the evidence points to her. Soon she is imprisoned in the same hospital in which she works. Former colleague Dr. Pete Graham (Robert Downey Jr.) tries to help. Miranda believes a supernatural force has possessed her. Chloe draw her deeper into her own madness. Miranda must seek the truth at the expense of being driven to madness. Halle is always great to watch and this is a well-written horror story. Catch the movie and find out how it ends.

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