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Cletus T. Judd'S Latest Cd The Original Dixie Hick Is Now Out
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Reviewed on 2003-11-10
Once again the Dixie Chicks are harpooned. Cledus' new Chick-related tracks include three memorable parodies sung to the music of Brad Paisley's "Celebrity" - "Martie, Emily & Natalie - (The Continuing Saga Of)," "Natalie" and "Toby Vs. Natalie." The fourth tune, "The Chicks Did It," has a borrowed note or two from Chris Cagle's "Chicks Dig it." Cledus said he feels like a fox in the henhouse. Thanks to the Chicks rift with the media, he has gotten a lot of interest in his new project. He phoned the Chicks but they haven't returned his call. He left Natalie a message for the Chicks to join him for an omelet over at the Waffle House next time they're in Nashville. At last check, he was still waiting for the return call.

Get the CD for $5.99 at

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