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Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins
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Reviewed on 2008-02-08
Received[3.5]  out of 4 stars
We have all been there. A part of a family, who has an outsider who has control over a loved one, this is the story portrayed in Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins. This film is a comedy focusing on how going home is not always a picnic. Martin Lawrence stars as Roscoe Jenkins, a well to do talk show host from Los Angeles, who feels the obligation to return home to the South for his parent’s fiftieth anniversary. Along for the ride are Roscoe’s son, Jamaal (Damani Roberts), and his obnoxious fiancée, Bianca (Joy Bryant). Upon his return Roscoe is not welcomed home with open arms, rather he is tortured by the Jenkins family.

Roscoe finds himself chastised by his father, portrayed by James Earl Jones, who is harassing Roscoe about not visiting and becoming a completely different person. Clyde, his cousin, portrayed by Cedric the entertainer, constantly looks for competition when it comes to Roscoe, having competed against him since high school when they made a bet over who would ask sweetheart Lucinda (Nicole Ari Parker) to the dance. Having lost out on his opportunity with Lucinda, Roscoe has had disdain for Clyde since his adolescence years. While dealing with all his family turmoil, Roscoe has to constantly battle with his siblings Otis (Michael Clarke Duncan) and Betty (Mo’Nique), not to mention his thug of a cousin Reggie (Mike Epps).

You find yourself reliving many of your family reunions while watching this comedy, many of us having suffered through the same troubles. Roscoe finds himself wanting to flee back to LA with his fiancée and son, but has his family reached Roscoe and taught him a lesson on what family stands for? This film offered many big laughs. A comical look at family and how each one has there own crazy problems, some more than others. Highlight from this film is Mike Epps, scene-stealer by far. All actors were on there A-game for comedy and had great performances, making for an enjoyable comedy. Take your family out and see Cedric and Martin and their comical banter.

Review By: Jolene Mendez

Erwin K. Roberts "Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins" Review below :

Martin Laurence's new film give the old "prophet without honor in his own land" yet another trip around the block. The thing is jam-packed with character stereotypes. But then again, what isn't these days? Its all in how the characters are handled.

Roscoe Jenkins, Jr., left (some would say fled) the deep South for Los Angeles. There he wrote a self-help book that he parlayed into a successful Dr. Phil style TV show. Fallout from the road to success left him a single parent recently engaged to a competition obsessed vegan Survivor winner. Now he heads home for his parents fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration. He really doesn't want to go. Back home he got less respect than Rodney Dangerfield.

Luggage lost by the airline he arrives home to introduce his fiancée to his mostly goof ball family. There's the ever mooching brother. (Mike Epps) Next is the overweight, oversexed, insensitive, snoopy sister. (Mo'Nique) Cedric the Entertainer plays Roscoe's underhanded adopted sibling. A pleasant relief from the comics in the cast is Academy Award Nominee Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile) as Otis, the eldest and the Sheriff. Unfortunately James Earl Jones has almost no meat on his role.

Roscoe's trip home would have tried the patience of Job. Of course he survives and is better for it. My family rendered a split verdict on Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins. I thought it was funny in spots. My wife liked it much better than I did.


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