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Reviewed on 2007-08-31
Received[1]  out of 4 stars
What an insult to John Carpenterís classic. This Halloween movie will have you screaming, but not from the screenplay, but rather at it. From the classic 1978 film, Halloween, you get the jest of the story. By now every person should know the story of Michael Myers and his tendency to kill. Michael is a serial killer who begins at the young age of six, by killing his sister on Halloween. His parents return home to find him with knife in hand, covered in blood. After this event Michael is committed to an institution for fifteen years, where he then escapes. By now the remake has already lost my attention. Michael was six when he began his killing storm, the actor portraying Michael in the recreate, Daeg Faerch, looks like he is already hitting puberty.

Eventually the remake begins to track the original storyline. By the time this happens you find yourself looking at your watch, pleading for it to end. The storyline dragged throughout. Once Laurie Strode (Scout Taylor-Compton) is introduced you are given a glimmer of hope that this remake could salvage itself. Those hopes are quickly smashed, due in part to the awful talent. Once Laurie and her friends are introduced, I found myself begging for Michael to find them so I would be put out of my misery. The girls were made out to look like pre-schoolers, not sixteen year olds. The only scenes offering any relief were the ones where Danny Trejo makes an appearance. He offered a positive to the negative film.

When you are going to remake a classic horror film, such as Halloween, you better make sure you have the acting and writing to back it up. It does not have to exceed the original but it at least needs to contend with it. Rob Zombie fails wretchedly at this. The acting was not strong enough to pull even a laugh at how awful it was. The storyline lacked the intrigue and chills Michael Myers originally offered. I was more disgusted at the gruesome killings then enticed. The Michael Myers I remember would have you on the edge of your seat yelling for the victim, this one had me laughing. His scenes were very awkward and unbelievable. I am a huge horror flick fan, and on top of that, I love Michael Myers. I have seen the entire series of Halloween films, this one is worse than the third sequel, and that was dire. Should you have any craving to see this film, donít. Rent the original on DVD and enjoy what the original Michael Myers and John Carpenter had to offer. 1 out of 4 stars.

Review By: Jolene Mendez

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