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Evan Almighty
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Reviewed on 2007-06-22
Received[3.5]  out of 4 stars
GenreComedy / Fantasy
The follow up to Bruce Almighty is coming to theatres with a whole new attitude. In Evan Almighty the story focuses on Evan Baxter (Steve Carell) who has just been elected a congressman and is set on “changing the world”, a tall order for someone with little experience on world change. What Evan does not know is that God (Morgan Freeman) is listening and is intent on making Evan’s wish a reality, only he expects him to succeed at this in a different manner. Everything in Evan’s life is being directed towards 614, at first he does not notice it, and then he looks into this further and realizes it means Genesis 6:14, which refer to God’s request to make an ark of timber planks.

Evan is reluctant to believe that any of this is happening, even after being bombarded by animals in pairs and having God himself request him to build the ark. Once Evan’s hair keeps growing and the animals multiply he decides he has no choice. He is going to change the world and build this ark with his kids, as Noah did. His wife at first considers this a mid life crisis and decides to follow in his steps although she has many doubts. Evan becomes a joke of the town and is headline news stories everywhere as he builds his ark. God addresses him and lets him know of the date for the impending flood and Evan becomes determined to finish his ark in time. In the meantime he is risking his career and family.

This was the best family film I have seen this year. Bruce Almighty was an adult film and Evan Almighty is family friendly. It is safe to take your kids to this for a night out and leave the theatre with a warm feeling. There is beautiful scenery, as you are shown all the land that has been plowed over to build condos and huge estates, where animals are left with no homes. The cinematography for the flood sequence was suburb. It was very realistic and amazing to watch. It was great to see Steve Carell in a new light. He plays a light hearted family man in this movie and he was well suited for the part. Screenplay was well written by Steve Oedekerk. The writing had plenty of humor, action and unexpectedly suspense. I am highly recommending this film for everyone. Tell you friends and take your family – it is a must see for ALL!! And in our day and time now, how often can you say that?

Review By: Jolene Mendez

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