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28 Weeks Later
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Reviewed on 2007-05-11
Received[1]  out of 4 stars
GenreHorror / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Talk about a really bad idea. Why would you create a film with a raging murderous virus in 2002 and wait five years later to create a sequel, a bad one at that. 28 weeks later picks up 6 months later in the British Isles where a large number of survivors have been returning home to quarantined areas. The US Army is based everywhere to help maintain the civilians and make sure the disease is contained and no longer spreading. The Army is investigating the origination of the infected. The story focuses around Don (Robert Carlyle) and Alice (Catherine McCormack) who have escaped the infected hostiles and have been living in a home boarded up and in the dark for some time now. Quickly the storyline goes from containment and peace to the hostiles breaking in and attacking the uninfected. Don and Alice escape to the upstairs bedroom when the infected arrive, without a second thought Don locks his wife out in the room alone with the hostiles and takes off. He leaves her there for certain death as he runs.

Don returns to the quarantined area after the US Army starts slowly allowing citizens back in. They are allowed back in after an area of the isles is blocked off and guarded. At this time the infected have all died from starvation and the remains are being removed from the town. Don is reunited with his only remaining family, his son and daughter, who were away at camp when the infection broke out. Tammy (Imogen Poots) and Andy (Mackintosh Muggleton) return to a new home. As happy as they are to be back home with their father, they are devastated to learn of their motherís passing. Unsure of their new surroundings Tammy and Andy escape the quarantined area and go back home Ė where they lived with their parents. There Andy sees his mother who has apparently survived the attack.

Alice is brought back to the quarantined area where she is tested for the virus and is found to be infected, but is not showing any of the symptoms as the previous infected were. Alice has something in her DNA that is blocking the virus from fully taking her body over and causing chaos. When Don learns she is there he goes and finds her, begs for her forgiveness and apologizes for leaving her for dead. Unaware of her infection Don kisses her and the saliva that is passed from Alice to Don turns him. He immediately becomes one of the hostiles and breaks out to infect others. Soon the quarantined area is taken over and the US Army is instructed to initiate code red and is ordered to exterminate all people. Donís children escape unharmed and are doing there best to get to safety. Can the survivors start over somewhere new without the infected following them? Well, they are willing to try to.

This film was disturbing. It has too much going on and the plot lacked any kind of climax. The same beat of music that played throughout was annoying. The performances in this film did not stand out. My biggest complaint is that generally with a sequel, especially one produced five years later, you would think there would be a recap. You go into this movie and there is nothing. It just starts off chaotic and ends that way. There was too much blood and gore to enjoy any part of this film. I may have appreciated this sequel more if they had a description of what happened prior, perhaps how the disease broke out and what causes infection. I was really disappointed in this film and would recommend you not to see this or to wait for the video if you must see it. 1 out of 4 stars

Review By: Jolene Mendez

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