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The Condemned
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Reviewed on 2007-05-01
Received[1.5]  out of 4 stars
GenreAction / Thriller
The Condemned is a psychologically thrilling adventure through the mind of a mad producer, Ian Breckel (Robert Mammone) whose idea of good internet programming involves taking ten of the most volatile death-row inmates and dropping them off on an island to kill each other. For the one that survives, freedom is the ultimate prize. This movie highlights Stone Cold Steve Austin as Jack Conrad, a man condemned under false pretenses. While his character lacked a lot of depth and his script was far from inspiring, Austin plays the part well and you may find yourself cheering him on.

The plot of the movie is predictable and the fight scenes are choppy and lack technical camera work. The parts of the movie that are most enthralling are the fight scenes. Unfortunately, only if you squint can you catch a glimpse of the action. It was completely amateur that they chose handheld cameras to do the work of the most poignant pieces of the film.

The Condemned is two hours of stop and go violence. One of the writers must have thought it was some kind of serious cautionary tale since speeches were thrown in periodically about how violent entertainment is created because people are sick enough to watch it. That may be all too true, but I am not sure if the writers realized they have basically demoralized the purchase of tickets to their movie.

Without spoiling the movie, I have to say the ending was completely tawdry. I did not have huge expectations of the film but I felt as though they left a lot on the table. There were definitely some unexplored situations that would have made this film a lot more enthralling. I loved the concept of a “Survivor” themed thriller but I would have liked at least one unpredictable outcome. If you are a moviegoer who enjoys a good action packed, predictable plot this may be a movie for you. However, if you are like me and you like a little substance with your movies, you may want to put this one on the back burner.

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