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Miami Vice
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Reviewed on 2006-08-01
Received[1]  out of 4 stars
GenreAction / Crime / Drama / Thriller
Michael Mann co-wrote one episode out of the 111 show run of TV's "Miami Vice." He also served as one of the show's Executive Producers. Now he has written and directed the big screen version. At 146 minutes for the new film, that's a lot of typing.

I watched the TV show perhaps twice. I looked at the 2006 version of "Miami Vice" on its own terms. I saw it as a well crafted film about undercover cops that was a full half hour too long.

I know others my age who were regular viewers of the show. They said that the movie lacked the glitz and glitter of the undercover life of Crockett and Tubbs lived on television. I'm sure not all episodes had that. The film certainly does not. The TV fans also complained about the lack of music video style narration in this version. To them the film was not Miami Vice.

I discussed "Miami Vice" with four regular film goers aged twenty-something. None of them liked it at all. More than one disliked the deliberately "grainy" film look Mann chose for most scenes.

Mann directs his actors well. The whole cast turns in fine work. Colin Farrell wears his hair longer than Don Johnson. He has facial hair in addition to the famous "not shaved this week look." From some angles I had to keep telling myself that Farrell was not starring in "My Name Is Earl."

By Erwin K. Roberts

miami vice

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