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Stage Beauty
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Reviewed on 2004-11-08
Received[3]  out of 4 stars
STAGE BEAUTY Takes you back to England in the 1660's when women were forbidden to act in plays. Thus live theatre had men trained to act out women's parts until Charles II changed all that.

The leading figure of that world was Ned Deynaston (Billy Crudup), who was the most famous at playing Desdemona of his time. His dressing assistant was Maria (Claire Danes) who aspired to perform in a live play. She found a local pub where a woman was allowed to act. She desired more and was given a chance to step up to a woman's role

The two male leads were terrific. Claire Danes has never been better. Billy Crudup played the part of Ned with real gusto and showed a wide range of acting ability. The back up cast was also fantastic. Rupert Everett was hilarious as Charles II. Nell Gwynn played his mistress and shined. Also, Richard Griffith was stellar as the lecherous Sir Charles Sedley. Ben Chaplin was good as the Duke of Buckingham. A jolly good show.

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