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Danny Deckchair
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Reviewed on 2004-09-08
Received[3]  out of 4 stars
Miranda Otto and Rhys Ifans star in a romantic comedy that is truly charming. Writer/director Jeff Balsmeyer hits the mark with this Frank Capra type of film.

Danny Morgan (Rhys Ifans) is a good-natured worker muddling through life as a cement truck driver in Sydney, Australia. His long time girlfriend Trudy (Justine Clarke) looks down on Danny because of his job.

One day Danny livens up a backyard barbecue with friends by tying a bunch of helium balloons to his lawn chair. He overdoes it, and the chair takes off into the wild blue yonder with Danny holding on desperately.

After navigating a storm, he comes to rest in a tree somewhere in a small town a long way from home. An attractive meter maid Glenda (Miranda Otto) finds him and Danny begins to grow on her. In fact, the entire community takes a liking to Danny. He becomes active, even heading up a political campaign. The two lovers are a delight to watch. Ifans exudes a boy like charisma and the movie moves to a feel good ending. It is a good one to catch!

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