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Jack Reacher
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Reviewed on 2012-12-21
Received[3]  out of 4 stars
GenreAction / Crime / Drama
“Jack Reacher” is Tom Cruise’s latest action film that will cause quite a stir. In the first few intense minutes audience viewers will be baffled by the eerie similarities to a new threat that faces our nation today. A sniper is set up in a garage across from a park and heartlessly kills five innocent victims one by one. When the sniper’s scope focuses in on a young girl you can feel the audience’s disgust. Of course this is not something that was planned, but is defiantly in poor taste that it could not be edited before it’s release date. If you can get past the first twenty minutes of the film you are in for a pretty solid action crime drama. Jack Reacher is a military officer who is requested by the accused sniper Barr (Joseph Sikora). At first the request does not make sense as Reacher is not a fan of Barr’s given he knows of his prior offense. However when Barr’s attorney Helen (Rosamund Pike) pleads for Reacher’s help he uses his skills and insight to investigate the case. It does not take long for this investigator to see that the evidence is not adding up. Something is off and he begins to believe in Barr’s innocence. As he digs deeper into the real motive and suspect, Reacher becomes a target of the sniper. Time begins to run out and Reacher will do what he can to clear Barr’s name and hopefully survive in the process. “Jack Reacher” is pure excitement from beginning to end. High energy action with a mystery that will draw you in. Tom Cruise is Jack Reacher, a sarcastic tough guy who keeps his mission simple, very similar to his recent roles. Maybe that is the reason he seems to pull it off effortlessly. A nice addition to the film is an appearance from Robert Duvall (Cash) who stole every scene he was in. “Jack Reacher” even with its few flaws is a solid action flick that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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