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Star Wars Opening Story - Revenge Of The Sith
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Reviewed on 2005-05-11
Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith explodes into theatres May 19th. The phenomena is growing everywhere with promotional tie-ins including toys, bedding, video games, Burger King fast food, cereal, clothing and shoes, you name it!

This is the sixth episode of the Star Wars films that started in 1977. I remember taking my family to the Dickinson Glenwood Theater to see a movie that was sold out, so we settled for an unknown film called Star Wars. We were all pleasantly surprised to see one of the most revolutionary entertaining films of the century. It had action, humor, romance, thrills and excitement. Star Wars reminded you of the old movie serials like Buck Rogers and action films starring Aero Flynn.

Another interesting fact is the world science fiction convention was being held in KC at that time in the Hotel Muehlbach and a friend of mine, Ken Keller, was one of the organizers of the convention. Out of the blue, he got a call from one of George Lucas people requesting to have a Star Wars exhibit at the convention and offered some of the stars and filmmakers to provide a slide show and panel members for a discussion on this new revolutionary film. One of the people available was Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker.

The Star Wars exhibit was outstanding and included parts of the huge Wookie (Chewbacca) costume and a number of props from the movie. The slide show presentation, talks by the stars and filmmakers introduced the science fiction fans to this new genre.

Revenge of the Sith is the final theatrical Star Wars movie but the legacy will live on for years to come. Friends of mine that have seen the movie rate it outstanding with a seamless interface to the 1977 Star Wars film. The last scene starts with the ending of the original movie with the small rebel ship struggles to escape a star destroyer. I am glad George Lucas had the tenacity to follow through with these massive projects start to finish. Long live Star Wars.

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